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REVIEW: IntelliScore CD to MIDI Converter
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Tired of tapping in notes one-at-a-time with a mouse, or trying to reproduce the nuances of your guitar or sax with a MIDI keyboard? Especially when keyboard is not your primary instrument? A solution to this problem is here! IntelliScore Music Recognition System, by Innovative Music Systems, Inc., instantly converts music CD to MIDI data. No more tedious part-by-part entry
of your song into a MIDI notation software program. Implement the intelliScore software, throw in any standard notation program, and boom -- you have your song in musical score!!

The new music recognition software, intelliscore Polyphonic, from Innovative Music Systems, Inc., converts any recorded music on a CD (*.WAV files) to standard MIDI data (*.MID files). Just place your music CD into your computer's CD-ROM, implement the Intelliscore program, save the resulting *.MID file, load this file to any standard notation program (e.g., Voyetra's Music Write, Finale, or Cakewalk's Scorewriter), and voila, the multiple instrument recording of your song is completely and accurately notated! Now print, and you can publish your song on musical score!

I just upgraded to IntelliScore Polyphonic version 3.1, and I must say that it's great to avoid music entry of MIDI data by keyboard. The advanced polyphonic version, with its 95 multi-timbral filters, really solves the problem of tedious keyboard data entry, which until now has been necessary for music notation. This music recognition software program is really great!!

2000 Daisy Day Records. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted with permission.

This article was written by John Mark Garrison, intelliScore user and founder of Daisy Day Records. John hails from the heart of the dairy land in rural North Carolina. For that reason, John chose the Holstein milk cow as the theme of his record label. Daisy is kind of the generic name for the family milk cow, which to John represents the gentle, pure, wholesome nature of that area.

John grew to love music at an early age -- mostly by singing in church and listening to old 45 rpm records his mom had laying around the house. At age 5, he sang his first solo in church, and by age 14, he picked up his first guitar and (with the help of his sister) began to play songs by James Taylor, John Denver, Neil Young, and the Beatles.

John's first album, "Roots in Rock," is mostly a mixture of guitar and keyboard dominated alternative rock and pop/rock with a major emphasis given to vocal harmonies and instrumental counter melodies. Most of the songs featured on the album were written in the late 70s and early 80s during John's college years when he was playing in his first band and still hold up quite well.


Roots in Rock

Solo Artist/Singer/Songwriter: John Mark Garrison
Record Label: Daisy Day Records
Album Title: "Roots in Rock"
Music Genre: Pop Rock
ASCAP Member Number: 1586562


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