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IntelliScore functions:
mp3 to mid
audio to midi
cd to midi

Convert MP3 to MID with intelliScore Audio to MIDI Converter for music transcription, music notation and making a multi-track score from multi-instrument audio and CD files.

Intelliscore is the world's only multi-instrument,
multi-drum MP3 to MID converter

Now includes Score Builder and Lead Sheet Creator


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intelliScore MP3 to MID, audio to MIDI Converter

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To give you a realistic idea of the results that can be achieved using intelliScore to convert MP3 to MID, download any or all of the following pairs of samples. Each sample consists of an MP3 file and the corresponding unedited MID file generated by intelliScore. We suggest that you not only listen to the MID files, but load them into your own sequencer and/or notation software so you can see the chords and key that were detected and how cleanly they are notated. Although the MID files are not perfect, they provide a good starting point for editing. Many people tell us that intelliScore saves them time versus transcribing audio to MIDI entirely by hand. For copyright reasons, we've only included excerpts from well-known public-domain classical pieces here, but intelliScore works in varying degrees with all types of music. See our MP3 to MIDI primer for information on file formats.

You will you need an MP3 player to hear the MP3 samples. If you do not already have one on your computer, download Windows Media Player 10 or above.

Multiple Instrument

The following music was converted by the Ensemble Edition of intelliScore to multi-track MID files. The Ensemble Edition also converts single instrument music (which may be polyphonic or monophonic).
More info is on our MP3 to Score FAQ page for the Ensemble Edition.

All Ensemble Edition samples in a single, self-extracting zip file:
ens.exe (574K)

Tchaikovsky Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy, from The Nutcracker
(Peter Tchaikovsky)

mp3 (71K)


Elgar Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 in D Major
(Edward Elgar)

mp3 (116K)


Drumset Percussion
This is a recording of a drum solo. Demonstrates intelliScore Ensemble's multi-drum recognition capability.

mp3 (152K)


Bach Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
(Johann Sebastian Bach)

Demonstrates intelliScore Ensemble's stereo track separation capability.
mp3 (212K) mid



Single Instrument

The following music was converted by the Polyphonic Edition. The Polyphonic Edition is capable of converting single instrument music (which may be polyphonic or monophonic).

All Polyphonic Edition samples in a single, self-extracting zip file:
poly.exe (192K)

Beethoven 8th Sonata in C Minor,
2nd Movement "Pathetique"

(Ludwig van Beethoven)

mp3 (92K)


Beethoven Fur Elise
(Ludwig van Beethoven)

mp3 (75K)



  • MP3 to WAVE Converter - Download our handy, no-frills DOS utility to convert MP3 files to WAVE files. Unzip it, open the Command Prompt, change to the folder where you stored our mp3towav.exe utility, then type "mp3towav" at the prompt for usage instructions. This is the same utility used by intelliScore to read MP3 files. Please understand that since this is freeware, we are offering it "as is" and unable to provide technical assistance.  If you want to convert from MP3 and WAVE files to MID, download intelliScore.

  • Anvil Studio - The full versions of intelliScore include Anvil Studio, the award-winning MID sequencer and notation software from Willow Software. Download the latest version here.

  • LoopBe1 - This virtual MID device is useful for routing MID output back in as MID input, like a virtual patch cable. Free for non-commercial use.

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