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NEWS: Announcing intelliScore Wav to Midi
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This news was originally published on PRWeb.

IMSysInc announces Intelliscore wav to midi converter software

Innovative Music Systems, Inc. (a.k.a. IMSysInc) announced today the introduction of its Intelliscore music recognition system. Intelliscore listens to polyphonic wav files and helps musicians figure out the notes played, chords, and key. Intelliscore helps musicians, composers, and music teachers capture and share their ideas.

A musician first records a wav file of guitar playing, voice, etc. into his computer from an audio CD, a tape recording, or other audio source. After setting some parameters, Intelliscore transcribes the wav file to a midi file, ready for cleanup through a sequencer. The resulting midi file is suitable for editing, playback, and notation.

Joe Kohler, president of IMSysInc, stated: “For some time there have been products in the marketplace that allow musicians to sing or play a non-midi instrument, automatically determine the notes played, and generate a midi file. Unfortunately, these products can only recognize songs played monophonically -- one note at a time. Most music is polyphonic, that is, more than one note at a time, such as chords. To convert polyphonic music to a midi file, there was no alternative but to succumb to the often tedious and time-consuming task of picking out the notes manually, time that could be better spent being creative. Intelliscore changes all that.” Mr. Kohler continued: “For the first time you do not need a midi-enabled instrument or even need to know how to play the song to create a usable midi file from a recording of polyphonic music.”

To promote the launch of Intelliscore, IMSysInc is offering a 20% discount through December 12, 1999. Full product details and a downloadable trial version are available at the company’s web site,

IMSysInc is a music software publishing company located in Coral Springs, Florida, USA. Its mission is to develop innovative, quality products that help musicians be more creative and productive, as well as have fun. IMSysInc backs its products with free unlimited technical support.


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