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This news was originally published on Mi2N.

Intelliscore Wav To Midi Conversion Technology Receives Patent

CORAL SPRINGS, FL -- Innovative Music Systems, Inc. received a U.S. patent today for the music recognition technology behind its popular Intelliscore software product line. Intelliscore helps musicians and educators become more productive by automatically creating MIDI files from polyphonic musical recordings without need of a MIDI instrument or transcription by hand. The generated MIDI file is suitable for play back, notation, and editing. A trial version of the software is available for download from the company's website at

David Lhota, legal counsel for Innovative Music Systems, stated: "The broad protection granted by the Patent Office demonstrates its confidence that this technology is both beneficial and unrivaled." Joe Kohler, the company's president, added: "We applied for patent protection before Intelliscore was available to the public, yet this technology remains at the core of our products." Intelliscore, now in its third generation, combines new proprietary capabilities such as filters for specific instruments as well as automatic recognition of chord names and overall key. "We are highly committed to meeting musicians' needs. Keep watching for even more improvements in the near future," Kohler said.

Intelliscore's technology is protected under patent number 6,140,568. The patent is entitled "System and Method for Automatically Detecting a Set of Fundamental Frequencies Simultaneously Present in an Audio Signal." Other patents are pending.

Innovative Music Systems, a music software publishing company located in Coral Springs, Florida, USA, is the leader in music recognition technology. Its mission is to develop innovative, quality products that help musicians be more creative and productive, as well as have fun. For more information and demonstration of its products, visit


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