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This news was originally published on Harmony Central.

IntelliScore 4.0 Adds Real-Time Audio-to-MIDI Conversion

Innovative Music Systems, Inc. announced the release of version 4.0 of its patented intelliScore music recognition software that listens to prerecorded music (in wav or MP3 format) and creates a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) file containing the notes played, likely chord names, and overall key. The MIDI file, in turn, can be used for notation, editing, and playback, and allows musicians to spend more time making music and less time figuring out the notes in unfamiliar pieces.

The new version adds several powerful features including real-time recognition, expression capture, and MP3 support. A trial version is available for download.

The new intelliScore allows musicians to use their voice or analog instrument as a real-time MIDI controller or to record directly into a MIDI editing program such as a sequencer. Musicians can play an acoustic instrument or sing into a microphone attached to their computer. As they play, the notes display instantly on the screen in their MIDI editing program. Musicians can also use intelliScore as a live performance tool to control a synthesizer. For example, they might sing into a microphone and a flute sound can come out, playing the same notes as they are being sung. IntelliScore detects and recreates many of the expressive nuances contained in the original performance, such as pitch bend, vibrato, tremolo, and portamento.

Joe Kohler, president of Innovative Music Systems, stated: "Musicians, teachers, and composers around the world use intelliScore's polyphonic music recognition capabilities to help transcribe music from audio recordings. Now they can also use intelliScore as a real-time MIDI controller. In the past, instrument-to-MIDI systems required costly hardware adapters made for specific instruments. IntelliScore provides a more affordable alternative and works with a variety instruments." IntelliScore is unique among real-time software solutions as it recognizes music containing more than one note at a time, such as chords. Kohler added: "In spite of intelliScore's new capabilities, we have lowered its price to make our technology within the reach of even the most occasional musician."

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