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If you would like to earn extra income by reselling the world's most popular audio to MIDI music converter, or would like to integrate intelliScore's technology in your products, please read below. We offer several options to meet your needs and budget.

Boxed Version Distribution

If you are a dealer or distributor and might be interested in carrying our products, please contact our Business Development department for complete information. You may purchase boxed versions of our products at a discount off our current retail published prices and then resell them at any price you choose. Shipping is free as long as you purchase multiple copies at one time. We can also arrange to drop-ship our products to your customers. Because we recognize the additional risk involved with holding inventory as well as your administration overhead, your dealer pricing will start at $100 for the Ensemble Edition and $60 for the Polyphonic Edition. Top


Download Version - Affiliate Network

If you operate a shareware listing website or music-related website and would like to earn extra income by reselling the download version of intelliScore Polyphonic through your site, we invite you to join our network of affiliates. It is quite easy to set up and there is no cost to join or participate.

How It works

We have contracted with MyCommerce to handle the administration of our affiliate network. MyCommerce provides you with your unique ordering page, securely accepts payment from your customer, and sends your commission directly to you in your local currency once a month. Since we are using a third-party payment processor, you are assured of receiving all the commission you earn. You can even check your sales stats on their site.

Step 1. Click here to join our affiliate network through MyCommerce. Our Vendor ID is 6671. MyCommerce will assign you a link through which your customers can order intelliScore.

Step 2. In your marketing materials, place a link to download the demo version and/or the link to your individual ordering page. You may also place your ordering link directly on your website or ezine. You promote intelliScore through your website, ezines, etc. as you so choose, subject to the limitations described below. Of course, the more people you reach, the more commission you stand to earn, so we suggest you promote intelliScore where people are most likely to see it. You may use the information and graphics on the website to build your ad copy.

After you generate five (5) non-refunded sales, we can prepare (at no charge) a custom version of our demo for your potential customers to download from your website. This special demo will contain a link directly to your own individual ordering page to assure that you will be credited with the sale should the person at any point decide to purchase the full version. Below is a sample screenshot of what your potential customers would see every time they start your special demo version. We will replace "Your Website Name Here" with your actual website name and will open your unique ordering page when the person clicks on it.

IntelliScore demo version screenshot

To retain your status as an active affiliate with us, we require you to abide by the following simple guidelines:

  • Be ethical in your marketing practices. This includes honestly representing the features and capabilities of our products and our policies, as well as not changing the name of our product or publisher.
  • Do not submit your custom demo version to shareware download websites. Most of these sites require that software may only be submitted from one source, i.e., the copyright owner (that's us).
  • We cannot host your custom demo version on our website. This means that your potential customers must download your custom demo from your own website or a third-party site that you set up.

Current Commission Structure

We offer a generous commission structure for our download version affiliates that increases as you sell more. You start with the initial commission. As you pass certain sales thresholds over your Sales Year, we will increase your commission as follows:


Sale Number

Ensemble Edition Commission Rate

Polyphonic Edition Commission Rate

1st to 25th

15% ($19.35)

20% ($17.80)

26th to 50th

20% ($25.80)

25% ($22.25)

51st and up

25% ($32.25)

30% ($26.70)

Your Sales Year begins with the date of your very first sale. The cumulative sales numbers reset to zero at the beginning of each Sales Year, and Commission Rate resets to the initial rate. Refunds and chargebacks are deducted from the cumulative sale numbers. If you operate several websites, let us know, and we will combine your sales numbers for the purpose of determining your commission rate. This commission structure applies to new affiliates only and is subject to change. If you believe your situation warrants a different commission structure than described here, or have a question about our affiliate program, please contact our Business Development department. Top


Technology Licensing

We are always interested in pursuing mutually beneficial opportunities with other companies that will leverage our respective capabilities. The music recognition technology incorporated in intelliScore is available as a DLL or ActiveX control that can be easily integrated into your applications. We can customize and optimize our technology to meet your requirements. To inquire about a possible business relationship, please contact our Business Development department. Top

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