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REVIEW: Using intelliScore to score music
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I’m thrilled to offer a second celebrity testimonial and endorsement for your great IntelliScore Polyphonic music software that works in conjunction with Anvil Studio.  Since you heard from me last I’ve continued to win some major music awards including Song of the Year - Honorable Mention for my new single “Release My Love,” and Artist in Music Awards Best Blues Artist of the Year - Finalist for “Shadows.”  Song produced by famous record producer Stuart Epps of early Elton John and Led Zepplin fame.  I've also continued to reach the #1 and #2 positions at the top of the music Internet charts as an Adult Contemporary Artist and ASCAP composer beating out 50,000 to nearly two million other songs five times.  In October 2014 I hit the #12 spot on the Global Bands Chart on Reverbnation with “Release My Love” getting large volumes of play. 

I attribute much of my success to your Polyphonic software.  As the creator of “Lyrics First - An Allegro Approach to the Craft of Songwriting,” (due out in 2015), I believe the best approach to writing a hit song is starting with properly structured lyrics, and then creating a vocal melody to those lyrics before adding any live musicians.  IntelliScore Polyphonic is the ideal software for a singer-songwriter to create the initial drafts of melodies to their lyrics.  It allows the singer to sing their melodies directly into a microphone and get a lead sheet print out of the melody notes they just sang with note durations, key signature, and a chord progression via Anvil Studio.  IntelliScore Polyphonic music software allows me to move efficiently and smoothly through the early drafts of my vocal melody lines as I polish those melodies where needed prior to bringing in the live musicians.  As a melodist and a lyricist, this is where my unique creative genius to each hit song begins to unfold, thanks to intelliScore Polyphonic music software.


Marneen Lynne Fields

For more on Marneen Lynne Fields and her amazing career in film and music with appearances in over 105 film, TV shows, music videos, and web series please see her URLs page at


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