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Tutorial: Real Time Mode

When you installed intelliScore onto your system, predefined project files for using several common instruments in real time mode were placed in the My Documents\intelliScore\Real Time Templates sub-folder on your computer.  These project files are ready to use but can be modified to your preferences.  Additionally, you can create real time project files from scratch.  This tutorial tells you how to create your own real time project for a guitar.

First tell intelliScore which devices you want to use.  This information will be used every time you are in real time mode until you change it.

1.  Click the Gear Icon in the Tool Bar to open the Options window.

2.  The Audio Device combo box lists the audio input sources on your computer.  Select the Audio Device that you will be recording from, such as a microphone.  Play your guitar into the microphone you selected.  You should see the circle below the Audio Device combo box change from yellow to green as you play.  This confirms that you selected the correct device and that it is ready to use.

3.  The MIDI Device combo box lists the devices that you can playback the generated MIDI through.  Typically this list includes the synthesizer in your computer sound card and a route to an external MIDI device.  Select the MIDI Device you want to use.  Click the speaker button below the MIDI Device combo box.  This will send a tone to the device you selected.  If you hear a tone through the device you selected, then you selected the correct device and it is ready to use.

4.  Click the OK button to save your settings and close the Options window.  

5.  Now click the Blank Document Icon in the Tool Bar to start the New Project Wizard.

6.  You are asked from where the audio will be obtained.  Choose the bottom option next to the speaker icon to specify real time mode.  Click the Next button to continue.

7.  Select I know what instruments comprise the original audio.  Click the Next button to continue.

8.  Since in this tutorial you are playing a guitar, a single instrument, choose the Single option and click Next to continue. (If you have the Polyphonic Edition of intelliScore, you won't see this step in the New Project Wizard.)

9.  Now select the instrument from the list box.  Choose 24 - Acoustic Guitar (Nylon). Click Next to continue.

10.  You are asked to enter the polyphony level.  IntelliScore filled in a value of 6, since guitars can play up to six notes at a time.  Accept the default value and click Next to continue.

11.  Click the Finish button to close the New Project Wizard.

12.  The Real Time Control Panel opens.  Follow the instructions in the display to set the recording level and begin generating MIDI data from your live performance.  Click the Close button when you are finished.

13.  You can edit your project as desired in the Project Editor.  You can also save your project settings for use later.