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Edit Ensemble Window (Ensemble Edition only)

IntelliScore Ensemble can listen to a musical audio file comprised of several different instruments and convert it to a MIDI file containing the notes played, broken down by instrument.  IntelliScore actually listens to the sound of each note and attempts to identify which instrument(s) produced that note.  No other product in the world can do this.

You assist intelliScore by telling it which instruments are present in the original audio.  You may configure up to 16 rows, each specifying an instrument, pitch range, stereo track, and MIDI channel.  Eight are visible at once; use the vertical scroll bar to see them all.  You can save your ensembles for use in future projects, or you can use any of the 31 predefined ensembles supplied with intelliScore.  The fixed row at the bottom of the window id reserved for percussion.

If the instrument in the original audio is not included in the list, choose an instrument from the list that sounds the most similar, then adjust the Polyphony and Pitch Range to match the actual instrument in the original audio.  To improve accuracy, if the original audio contains two or more instruments that sound very similar to each other, such as a violin and viola, try specifying only one of the instruments through the Ensemble Editor. Make sure the pitch range is large enough to cover both instruments.  Also, try excluding instruments that cannot be prominently heard in the audio or are played infrequently.  You can also restrict the pitch ranges of instruments through the Ensemble Editor to reflect the pitch ranges present in the original audio.

In the percussion row, you can select and edit a drum kit to match the actual percussion instruments in the original audio.

To access the Ensemble Editor, open the Project Editor, click on the Pitch tab and select Polyphony, then click on the MIDI tab and click on the button with the Globe icon.  For an integrated introduction to the effective use of the Ensemble Editor, refer to the tutorial Using Ensembles.

Item Accelerator Key Minimum Value Maximum Value Default Value
Ensemble File Name    
Auto Name N   checked
Split Stereo    
Master Pitch Range  0 127 
Full Range F   
Active    unchecked
Channel  1 16 1 - 16
Instrument in Original Audio  0 127 0
Polyphony  1 128 10
Track  left right left
Pitch Range  0 127 
Percussion/Drum Kit    
Help H