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Tempo Auto Detect, Timing Tab
User Level: Basic, Advanced
MIDI File Usage: Playback, Notate

Tempo is an important setting that ensures the notes line up with beats, measures, chord names, etc. when MIDI files are notated.  IntelliScore automatically attempt to determine the tempo of music contained in an audio file when this feature is enabled.  This feature will also automatically synchronize the beats in the music to the measures by setting the Start Time.  You may try using this feature if you have difficulty tapping in the beat.  However, for best results, especially for music that changes tempo or otherwise has a non-steady beat, you should use the Tempo Tracker.  You cannot disable Tempo Auto Detect unless you either recorded a wave file directly into intelliScore while using the metronome or you tapped in the tempo manually using the Tempo Tracker.  If you do not intend to convert the MIDI file to notation and do not need the notes to line up with the beats and measures, you should enable the Easy Timing feature, which will override the Tempo Auto Detect feature.  The Tempo Auto Detect setting is not applicable to real time mode.