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Recording Levels

When recording or selecting an audio file, conversion results are best if the audio file was recorded at a good level.  The optimum level is as high as possible without clipping the signal.  Once you record or select an audio file, intelliScore will notify you if the audio file is distorted or too quiet.  If the file's level is less than 25%, it may be too quiet.  If it exceeds 10% distortion, the signal is probably too loud.  IntelliScore will still process the audio file if its level is outside of the optimal range, but you may achieve better results by adjusting the levels and recording the audio file again cleanly.  If you are recording directly into intelliScore, click the Recording Level button to open the audio mixer and adjust the levels.  The level stated in the warning message box will not be updated to reflect your changes until you record your music again.  For best quality, you should set the playback volume on your audio source near maximum and adjust the record volume as necessary.  This approach minimizes the amount of noise in the audio file.

If you specified in the Options window that you are using the Windows Recording Control as your audio mixer, and if you clicked the Recording Level button to adjust the recording levels, but the Recording Control window doesn't display, do the following on the Volume Control window:

1. First, make sure you are actually adjusting the recording level and not the playback level.  If you are using the mixer built-in to Windows, the title bar should read "Recording Control."

2. Click on the Properties item under the Options menu.

3. If your computer has more than one sound card, select the Mixer Device you wish to use.

4. Select the Recording radio button, then click OK.

5. Make sure the device you are using to record, such as a microphone, is selected as the source of the music by checking the Source checkbox.

6. Adjust the corresponding volume level using the slider to an appropriate level, if it is enabled.

(If your computer is running Windows 8, 7, or Vista, follow this procedure to set the recording level:

1. After pressing the Recording Level button in intelliScore, you should see the Sound window with the Recording tab selected.

2. Click on the device you want to record from.

3. Click the Set Default button.

4. Click the Properties button.

5. In the Properties window, click the Levels tab.

6. Adjust the corresponding volume level using the slider to an appropriate level. Make sure it is not muted.

If you followed the above procedure, turned the appropriate recording levels all the way up, and are still failing to reach a 25% record level, try the following:
  • If your music is on an audio CD, you should be using the second option in the New Project Wizard for indicating the audio source titled "My music is recorded on an audio CD."
  • If your music is in the form of MP3, WMA, AAC, AIFF, or wave files, you should be using the first option in the New Project Wizard for indicating the audio source titled "My music is recorded as an MP3, WMA, AAC, AIFF, or wave file."
  • In the intelliScore menu, select Tools | Options.  Click on the button to the left of the Help button.  In the Multimedia Properties window that opens, select your device under Recording | Preferred Device.  Make sure the Use Only Preferred Devices box is checked.  Then click OK to close the window.
  • In the Recording Control, select and increase the master recording level slider, if there is one.
  • Attempt to record into another program, such as Windows Sound Recorder, then load this audio file into intelliScore using the third option in the New Project Wizard. If you still get the low recording level message, then the problem is outside of intelliScore.
  • Check all the connections between your audio equipment and sound card to make sure the signal is getting to your computer.  You can test this using a program outside of intelliScore, such as Windows Sound Recorder.
  • Try using the microphone input socket on your sound card rather than the line input socket.
  • Increase the volume slider on the instrument you are recording, if there is one.
  • Place and amplifier between the instrument and the input on your sound card.

    Because every computer is configured with different hardware and software devices, we are unable to provide more specific advice than what is described above.  If you still experience difficulty after trying the above, we suggest you contact your sound card manufacturer for additional technical assistance.

    It is possible that on your computer you cannot increase the recording level to 25% no matter what you do.  If this is the case, adjust the settings as high as you can before recording without making the audio sound distorted.    Increasing the level artificially after it is recorded will not improve conversion results.  Likewise, decreasing the level artificially after it is recorded will not remove distortion.