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Polyphony/Drum Recognition, Pitch Tab
User Level: Basic, Advanced
MIDI File Usage: Playback, Notate

If you have the Ensemble Edition and have indicated in the Project Editor that I know what instruments comprise the original audio, then this Polyphony setting has no effect.  Instead, set each MIDI channel's polyphony individually within the Ensemble Editor.

For best results, limit the Polyphony setting to specify the most number of notes played at the same time in the audio file. For example, a solo voice would be 1, but a barbershop quartet would be 4, because it contains 4 voices. A guitar strumming chords would be 6, because there are 6 strings on a guitar, each sounding a single note at a time.  (If you have the Ensemble Edition of intelliScore and Split Stereo is active, the polyphony setting here applies to each stereo track, so a setting of 1 would mean one note could play on the left track and one note could play on the right track at the same time.)  The default value changes based on a single person playing the Audio Instrument you select.  Due to the limitations of the MIDI file format, the Pitch Bend and Assign Volume Changes features will only affect the generated MIDI file if the Polyphony is 1.

Ensemble Edition only:  If your audio contains pitched instruments with or without percussion, select the Polyphony radio button.  If your audio contains only percussion, select the Drums only radio button instead.  On the MIDI tab of the Ensemble Editor, you can indicate that you know what drums comprise the original audio. This setting causes intelliScore to attempt to identify which drum or percussion instrument(s) created the sound of each beat when it creates the MIDI file from the list of drums included in the selected Drum Kit.  If you indicate that you DO NOT know what drums comprise the original audio, intelliScore will create a MIDI file to indicate where in time the beats are present in a drum track, but all the beats will be assigned to the same percussion patch.  You can specify which patch to use on the MIDI tab in the Project Editor.  All pitch settings on the Pitch tab are irrelevant when Drums only is selected.