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On-line Help

IntelliScore contains extensive on-line help at several levels:
  • The first time you use intelliScore, you may want to read the Getting Started Guide.
  • A printable Quick Start booklet in Adobe Reader PDF format can be found in the intelliScore folder under the Windows Start menu.
  • Find answers to common questions by reading the Solutions to General Problems.
  • To access general help such as background information, select "Help | intelliScore Help Topics" from the Menu Bar, click on the Question Mark Icon on the Tool Bar, or press <F1>.
  • For a general explanation of the use and functionality of a window, click the Help button on that window.
  • For an explanation of a particular control on a window, press <TAB> until that control obtains focus, and then press <F1>.
  • If an error message appears, you can often get more information about the error by pressing the Help key or <F1> key before dismissing the message box.