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Instrument in Original Audio, Edit Ensemble Window (Ensemble Edition only)

Select an instrument name from the drop-down list box corresponding to an instrument in the audio file.  IntelliScore will also use this as the playback patch when the MIDI file is played back through your MIDI editor or MIDI instrument, if it is General MIDI compliant.  Each instrument has a default pitch range based on the normal range for that instrument.  If you select a new instrument that has a different default pitch range than the current pitch range for that row, you will be prompted if you want the pitch range adjusted to the default range for the new instrument.  Once the instrument is changed, a representative tone in the new instrument will sound.  If the instrument in the original audio is not included in the list, choose an instrument from the list that sounds the most similar, then adjust the Polyphony and Pitch Range to match the actual instrument in the original audio. Note that the fixed row at the bottom of the window is reserved for percussion.