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How do I use intelliScore's MIDI files with my electronic keyboard?

Many electronic keyboards can play format 0 MIDI files stored on floppy disks.  IntelliScore generates format 0 MIDI files.  You can tell intelliScore to write its MIDI files on a floppy disk in your computer when it generates the files.  In the second to last step of the New Project Wizard, intelliScore asks you for the file name where you want the generated MIDI file to be stored.  By default, this is the same folder you most recently used to store MIDI files, and the MIDI file name is the same as the name of your audio file, except with a .mid extension.  You can change the folder to the drive letter of your floppy drive by clicking on the Folder button.  After intelliScore generates and writes the MIDI file to your floppy disk, you can remove it from your computer and place it in your keyboard so it can access your files.