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How do I record MIDI directly into my sequencer software using my voice or acoustic musical instrument?

First, you need to install a MIDI loop back program on your computer. We recommend LoopBe1, which as of this writing can be downloaded free for non-commercial use from In intelliScore's Options window, select LoopBe1 as the MIDI Device. Within your sequencer, select LoopBe1 as the MIDI input device.

When you are ready to perform, start your sequencer. Within intelliScore's New Project Wizard, select the fifth option at the Audio Source step - Real Time Mode. Provide information as requested in the remaining wizard steps. Upon completion of the wizard, the Real Time Control Panel will display, at which time intelliScore will generate live MIDI according to your singing or playing. You can now start the recording mode in your sequencer, and your live MIDI is being recorded.

To record MIDI directly into Anvil Studio, perform the following procedure:
1. Under View | Synthesizers, MIDI + Audio Devices in the menu, set Enabled MIDI In devices to LoopBe Internal MIDI.
2. Set MIDI Out devices to your sound card synthesizer if you want to hear the MIDI notes as you are recording.
4. Select View | Composerin the menu to see the musical staff.
5. Make sure Insert Mode is NOT checked.
6. Click the tempo button, and enter a value in Beats per Minute at the desired speed.
7. Click the metronome button to start the metronome.
8. Click the Rec button to begin recording.