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My multiple instrument audio is not converting accurately enough. (Ensemble Edition only)

Possible Solutions:
  • Make sure you specify the different instruments present in the original audio by selecting an appropriate ensemble or by creating a new ensemble through the Ensemble Editor.
  • If the original audio contains two or more instruments that sound very similar to each other, such as a violin and viola, try specifying only one of the instruments through the Ensemble Editor. Make sure the pitch range is large enough to cover both instruments.
  • Disable instruments in the Ensemble Editor that cannot be prominently or frequently heard.
  • Restrict the pitch ranges of instruments through the Ensemble Editor to reflect the pitch ranges present in the original audio.
  • If you have the Polyphonic Edition of intelliScore, consider upgrading to the Ensemble Edition of intelliScore. The Ensemble Edition is designed to support audio containing several instruments playing at the same time.