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I can't hear any notes when the generated MIDI file is being played back or in Real Time Mode.

Possible Solutions:
  • Open the SyncPlayer, which plays both your original audio and generated MIDI synchronously when it opens.  To ensure that you hear both, adjust the slider at the right side of the window upward to increase the combined volume if your computer is running Windows 8, 7, or Vista.  If your computer is running Windows XP, you can slide it upward to increase the audio file's volume or downward to increase the MIDI file's volume.
  • If your music is polyphonic, make sure that the Polyphony setting in the Project Editor is not set to 1.
  • If, after trying the above, you still can't hear the MIDI (or an error occurs when playing the MIDI in a program such as Windows Media Player), perhaps the generated MIDI file does not contain any notes.  In this case make sure the recording level of your audio is sufficiently loud, increase the Time Resolution, and/or increase the Time Range of the portion of the music you want converted.
  • If you can't hear any notes being produced in while in Real Time Mode, perhaps you have the MIDI Device in the Options window set to a loop back program such as LoopBe1.  In this case, you will only hear the notes when a sequencer program is running and the loop back program is set as the MIDI input device.