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The converter runs too slow or does not stop initializing.  In real time mode, there is a large delay between when I play a note on my instrument and when I hear the MIDI.

Possible Solutions:
  • Close any other unnecessary programs that may be running.
  • If your audio source is playing one note at a time, set the Polyphony to 1.
  • Lower the Time Range. (Does not apply to real time mode.)
  • Reduce the Pitch Range to the smallest range needed to cover the notes being played.
  • Choose Mix or Split for Stereo Processing rather than Isolate or Remove. (Ensemble Edition only)
  • Enable the Constrain To Key feature if all the notes are within a certain key.
  • If you don't need the detected notes separated into multiple MIDI channels (Ensemble Edition only), indicate in the Project Editor I DO NOT know what instruments comprise the original audio.
  • Reduce the number of active instruments as well as their respective Pitch Ranges in the Ensemble Editor. (Ensemble Edition only)
  • Reduce the sample rate of your audio file prior to using it in intelliScore. Using sample rates above 44100 Hz will not result in any increased conversion accuracy. (Does not apply to real time mode.)
  • See the instructions for the "Out of memory" error.
  • Get a faster processor.