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My drum track recording is not converting accurately enough. (Ensemble Edition only)

Possible Solutions:
  • Best results are obtained from solo drum mix downs with no other instruments.
  • Make sure you specify the different percussion instruments present in the original audio by selecting an appropriate drum kit or by creating a new drum kit through the Drum Kit Editor.
  • If the original audio contains two or more percussion instruments that sound very similar to each other, such as a acoustic snare and electric snare, try specifying only one of the instruments through the Ensemble Editor.
  • Disable percussion instruments in the Drum Kit Editor that cannot be prominently or infrequently heard.
  • Restrict the Polyphony to the number of percussion instruments in the Drum Kit Editor that can be played at one time.
  • If you have the Polyphonic Edition of intelliScore, consider upgrading to the Ensemble Edition of intelliScore. The Polyphonic Edition cannot convert drum tracks.