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Master MIDI File, Record Audio File Window (Ensemble Edition only)

With intelliScore's Score Builder capability, you can build a multi-track MIDI score one track at a time by singing or playing a non-MIDI instrument. After you have recorded your first track and had intelliScore convert it to a MIDI file, click the folder button to select it as the Master MIDI File.  IntelliScore extracts the tempo and meter from the Master MIDI File to use as the Metronome Settings.  It also displays the key and lists the existing MIDI channels.  IntelliScore plays the MIDI Master File back so you can listen to it while recording your new audio file. (We recommend you use a headset to listen to the playback of the Master MIDI File so that its sound does not bleed into your new audio recording.) When intelliScore converts this new audio file to MIDI, it combines this new MIDI with the existing tracks in the MIDI Master File. In this way you can build up to a 16-track MIDI recording.