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Polyphony, Edit Ensemble Window (Ensemble Edition only)

Set the polyphony corresponding to the instrument and stereo track for the current row.  When you are using an ensemble, the Polyphony setting on the Pitch tab of the Project Editor will have no effect.

You can limit the Polyphony setting to specify the most number of notes played at the same time by the corresponding instrument (and stereo track if Split Stereo is active) in the audio file. For example, a solo voice would be 1, but a barbershop quartet would be 4, because it contains 4 voices. A guitar strumming chords would be 6, because there are 6 strings on a guitar, each sounding a single note at a time.  The default value changes based on a single person playing the Audio Instrument you select.  Due to the limitations of MIDI, the Pitch Bend, Assign Volume Changes, and Assign Brightness features will only effect channels in the generated MIDI file that have a Polyphony of 1.  If you don't know the polyphony of a specific instrument for your audio file, just set the Polyphony to a high number.