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What Would You like To Do Now?, Results Window

After intelliScore successfully converts your audio file to MIDI, it asks you what you would like to do next by providing a list of common actions:
  • Play original audio and MIDI together in SyncPlayer.  You can compare the files to evaluate conversion results.
  • Open MIDI file in MIDI editor/notation software.  See the musical notation and edit the MIDI file.  (Click the Setup button to specify your MIDI editor/notation software.)
  • Convert again using detected/adjusted settings.  Converting again generally improves accuracy.
  • Modify project settings.  You can adjust settings and convert again.
  • Save project settings.  You can reuse these settings later for similar music.

    Click on the radio button next to the action you want.  With the exception of Convert again using detected/adjusted settings, the Results window stays open so you can select multiple actions in any sequence you desire.