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How do I create a lead sheet? (Ensemble Edition only)

IntelliScore can help detect the lead part from a multi-instrument audio recording and create a MIDI file containing this lead along with detected chord names. When combined with lyrics, a lead sheet is the form of document used to describe a song for copyright purposes. For this feature to work, the audio must be recorded in stereo with the lead instrument part mixed toward the center of the stereo image and the other instruments not mixed toward the center.

In the New Project Wizard, when you see the step labeled Stereo Processing, select Isolate.  (If you do not see a Stereo Processing step in the New Project Wizard, that could indicate your music was not recorded in stereo or that you indicated it contains only a single instrument.)

After intelliScore generates the MIDI file, you can open it in your MIDI notation program to see the notation and chord names. Using your sequencer you can add lyrics and perform other editing to finalize the lead sheet.