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Beats Per Chord, Timing Tab
User Level: Advanced
MIDI File Usage: Playback, Notate

Indicate how long a typical chord lasts in the song before changing to another chord by typing in the number of taps for each chord or using the spinner.  Even if monophonic music is being converted, chords are often implied by the pattern of the notes used.  IntelliScore automatically detects implied chord names and writes them to the MIDI file as markers, although not all sequencers can display markers.  Even if you do not plan on using the chord names detected by intelliScore, this setting is useful as it affects the accuracy of the notes that will be detected.  If you can't determine out the Beats Per Chord, just leave it at the default value.  Chord names are not detected in live performance mode, so in that case this setting is ignored.  If the Easy Timing feature or live performance mode is enabled, then chord name detection is disabled.