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Direct CD Transfer Window

The Direct CD Transfer window allows you to easily use music from audio CDs as the source material for intelliScore to convert to MIDI with no loss of audio quality.  This window appears when you click the CD button next to the Audio File Name text box in the Project Editor.

The CD you use must be a standard audio CD that would play in a stand-alone CD player.  If instead the CD contains MP3, WMA, AAC, AIFF, or wave files, then it is a data CD, not an audio CD.  If it is a data CD, then simply enter the name of the audio file in the Wave File Name text box in the Project Editor, just as you would if your audio file is on your computer's hard drive or floppy drive.

Insert the CD into any CD drive on your computer.  If your computer has more than one CD drive, select the CD Drive letter of the drive you are using.

Upon inserting the CD, intelliScore will attempt to access the CD and, if successful, will display a numbered list of tracks with the duration of each track.  If you followed the above instructions yet intelliScore cannot read your CD, restart intelliScore and try again.  If this does not solve the problem, either your CD is damaged or intelliScore is incompatible with your CD drive.  In this case, rather than using the Direct CD Transfer window to obtain the audio from the CD, try using Windows Media Player 10 to rip the desired music track from your CD to an MP3 file and start from there.

IntelliScore will automatically begin playing the first track.  If desired, click the Mixer button to open the Mixer you specified in the Options window so you can adjust the playback volume.  You may press the Previous or Next buttons to skip through the tracks on the CD.  (You can also select a track from the displayed list.)  You may press the arrow Play and square Stop buttons to alternately resume and pause playing the track from its current position.  You may press the Eject button to open and close the door on the CD drive.  The current track and position (in minutes and seconds) within the current track is displayed above the buttons along with a graphical position indicator below the buttons.

Once you have selected the track you want intelliScore to convert, click the Transfer Track button.  A window will open asking you to name the track.  After selecting or typing in the name for the track, click the Save button.  IntelliScore will create a wave file with the name you specified that is an exact duplicate of the audio on the selected CD track, displaying a progress bar until the transfer is complete.  The name of your transferred file will then be displayed in the Current Audio File box.

When you are satisfied that the desired track has been transferred, click the Close button to return to the Project Editor, where the name of your transferred wave file will appear in the Audio File Name text box.

Item Accelerator Key Minimum Value Maximum Value Default Value
Playback Controls    
CD Drive    Lowest CD drive letter
Track List  1 # tracks 1
Transfer Track T   
Playback Level    
Help H   
Close C