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Solutions to General Problems
  • The MIDI file or live MIDI data does not reflect the audio accurately enough.
  • My multiple instrument audio is not converting accurately enough. (Ensemble Edition only)
  • I told intelliScore to convert several audio files at the same time, but the results are not accurate enough.
  • My music contains several different instruments, but in the generated MIDI file, all I hear are piano and organ sounds. (Ensemble Edition only)
  • I can't hear any notes when the generated MIDI file is being played back or in Real Time Mode.
  • I cannot find the MIDI file that intelliScore generated.
  • The direct CD transfer feature is not working with my CD.
  • I need help using Anvil Studio.
  • I set the recording level to the maximum, but intelliScore still gives me a warning message that my audio is recorded at less than 25%.
  • The SyncPlayer is not playing my audio and MIDI files synchronously.
  • IntelliScore hangs or crashes when I open the New Project Wizard or Project Editor.
  • The converter runs too slow or does not stop initializing.  In real time mode, there is a large delay between when I play a note on my instrument and when I hear the MIDI.
  • When I record into intelliScore using the built-in metronome, the time between metronome clicks/pendulum swings is uneven.
  • I'm having difficulty tapping the tempo starting on the very first beat.
  • My drum track recording is not converting accurately enough. (Ensemble Edition only)
  • Sometimes in real time mode after I stop singing or playing a note, the note continues to play through the speaker.