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Getting Started

Before you begin, use the Options window to set up intelliScore to work according to your preferences.  These preferences will pertain to all projects you work on until you change them.  If you have the Ensemble Edition, try the Ensemble Editor Tutorial to learn to use intelliScore's multi-instrument MIDI file creation capability.  

To begin working with a project, you need to either create a new project or open an existing project.  To create a new project, click on the Blank Document icon.  This will open the New Project Wizard, which will ask you for information that will assist intelliScore in generating an accurate MIDI file in the shortest amount of time.  If the audio data originates from an audio file, intelliScore creates a MIDI file once you enter all of the requested information, then a Results window appears where you can decide what you want to do next.  If you specify live performance mode, the live performance control panel will open once you enter all of the requested information where you can control a MIDI instrument in real-time using an acoustic instrument.

If you want to work with a project that you had previously saved, click on the Open Folder icon to select the project or select it from the list of recent projects in the File menu.  Once the project is open you can modify your settings in the Project Editor and convert, if desired.  You can also resave the project settings for use later.

If you need any assistance, the online help system contains a detailed reference to all the controls, error message explanations, a glossary, etc.  You can also view our tutorial videos covering a variety of usage scenarios on our website at  Be sure to read the Solutions to General Problems if you experience any difficulties.

IntelliScore is compatible with all standard MIDI programs and is specially designed to integrate with the award-winning Anvil Studio MIDI editing and notation program.  Anvil Studio comes with the full versions of intelliScore, but to improve download speed, it is not included with the intelliScore demo. However, you can download the latest version for free by clicking on Download Anvil Studio in intelliScore's Help menu.

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