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Meter, Timing Tab
User Level: Basic, Advanced
MIDI File Usage: Notate

Set the meter of the music you want displayed when it is represented in sheet music form.  The terms "meter" and "time signature" are interchangeable.  Type the number of beats per measure in the upper box or adjust it with the spinner control.  If you don't know the beats per measure, leave it at the default setting of Auto.  For the lower box, select a value from the drop-down list box that indicates what type of note has one beat.  A beat corresponds to one tap in the Tempo Tracker.  For example, if you want a quarter note to get one beat, select 4 from the list.  If you want an eighth note to get one beat, select 8.  This setting is not applicable to live performance mode.

The first section shows music with the wrong meter of 4/4 applied.  The second section has the correct meter of 12/8 applied.