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Metronome Button, Record Audio File Window

Before recording, you need to decide whether or not to use the metronome.  You should use the metronome whenever you will be playing your musical instrument or singing directly into the program.  Use of the metronome ensures that the generated MIDI file will be synchronized with the beats of the music and eliminates the necessity of tapping in the tempo using the Tempo Tracker.  However, if the music is prerecorded but not as a wave file, such as from a CD, you cannot use the metronome and will need to tap the tempo in later if you want to convert the MIDI file to notation.

If you are using the metronome, display its settings by clicking the Metronome button. Indicate the Tempo (in beats per minute) and number of beats per measure to match the music you will be playing.  The metronome is both visual and audible.  You can see the pendulum swing as well as hear an audible "click" in time with the Tempo.  You can adjust the metronome volume by adjusting the slider.  To try out your settings by listening to the metronome, click the Test button. You can copy the metronome settings to the Project Editor by clicking the Keep Settings button.