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MIDI File Name, MIDI Tab
User Level: Basic, Advanced
MIDI File Usage: Playback, Notate

The "File Name" drop-down list box is automatically populated with MIDI file names and locations based on the file names and folders of the audio files you selected, except with a .mid extension at the end.  These are the names and folders of the MIDI files that intelliScore will generate from the conversion process.  You can change the name or folder of a MIDI file by selecting it from the list and then clicking the button containing the Folder icon to open a dialog window.  After selecting a new name and/or folder for the MIDI file, close the dialog.  The updated information will appear in the File Name list box.  Clicking the button with the Musical Notes icon launches the MIDI editor specified in the Options Window.  If the MIDI file you selected in the File Name list box currently exists, it is automatically loaded when the MIDI editor starts, if your MIDI editor supports this feature.  In live performance mode, the File Name is blank and cannot be changed.