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Track Pitch Bend, Pitch Tab
User Level: Basic
MIDI File Usage: Playback

Check this box to tell intelliScore to track the slight variations in pitch that may occur due to pitch bend, vibrato, or portamento.  This can make MIDI playback sound more realistic and does not usually have any detrimental affect if the MIDI is notated.  Uncheck this box if you want intelliScore to quantize the pitch to the nearest note.  You may want the pitch quantized to correct pitch errors in singing or playing your instrument.  If pitch bend tracking is enabled and the sound card or synthesizer that you play the MIDI through is not General MIDI-compliant, the MIDI will sound very weird.  In this case, it is important that you set the pitch bend range on your MIDI playback device to +/- 8 semitones.  Due to the limitations of MIDI, pitch bend tracking only occurs on MIDI channels where Polyphony is set to 1 (monophonic).