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Tuning (cents), Audio Tab
User Level: Advanced
MIDI File Usage: Playback, Notate

You can use this setting to specify the tuning of the music in the audio.  A Tuning of zero is equal to the standard frequency where the A5 note (the A above middle C) is 440 Hz.  A5 is the first note you hear when members of an orchestra are tuning their instruments.  There are 100 cents between two adjacent notes.  IntelliScore automatically adjusts the Tuning value after conversion to MIDI based on the tuning in your audio file.  However, you can adjust the initial setting manually.  If some notes in the created MIDI file waver between the correct note and the note next to it, try adjusting the Tuning.  For example, if the correct note is a D and in the MIDI file it alternates between a D and D-flat, the recording is flat.  Set the Tuning to a lower value to compensate.  Likewise, if the MIDI file alternated between a D and a D-sharp, the recording is sharp.  Set the Tuning to a higher value to compensate.