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SyncPlayer Window

The SyncPlayer plays the original audio files with their corresponding generated MIDI files at the same time for easy comparison so you can easily evaluate the results of your project settings.  The SyncPlayer can be accessed by selecting Tools | SyncPlay in the menu or by clicking the arrow Play button in the Tool Bar.  The SyncPlayer is not available if no project is currently open or if the current project is using real time mode.

The SyncPlayer begins playing the first audio/MIDI file pair automatically when the window is opened.  To select a different audio/MIDI file pair, choose either file from one of the drop-down list boxes.  If the both the audio and MIDI files in the current project exist, the two files will be played synchronously.  If only the audio file exists, the audio file will play.  Similarly, if only the MIDI file exists, the MIDI file will play.  You can select which file to play or both.  Only the segment of the audio file you selected for conversion (through the Tempo Tapper or the Audio tab in the Project Editor) will play.

If desired, you can adjust the volume by moving the slider at the right-hand side window. If your computer is running Windows XP, the slider controls the balance between the audio and MIDI playback volumes.  If your computer is running Windows 8, 7, or Vista, the slider controls the combined volume.

You may press the arrow Play button to begin playing the files from the starting point you selected for conversion.  You may press the square Stop button to stop playing.  You may press the center Pause button to alternately pause and resume the playback at any point (if only one file is being played).

To open the selected audio file in your audio editor or player, click on the Sine Wave button.  To open the selected MIDI file in your MIDI editor or notation program, click on the Music Notes button.  To close the SyncPlayer, click the Close button.

To ensure that the audio and MIDI files play synchronously, be sure to run the converter before starting the SyncPlayer if you have made and changes to your project.  Also, close other unnecessary programs that are running at the same time as intelliScore, especially programs that work with audio and MIDI.

If you can't hear any MIDI notes being played through the SyncPlayer, click the button with the slider and speaker on it; this opens your Playback Volume Control.  Be sure that the Mute checkbox is not checked for both Wave and MIDI Synth and adjust each respective slider upward to increase volume or downward to lower volume to obtain a proper mix where you can hear both.

If, after trying the above, you still can't hear the MIDI (or an error occurs when playing the MIDI in a program such as Windows Media Player), perhaps the generated MIDI does not contain any notes.  In this case make sure the recording level of your audio is sufficiently loud, increase the Time Resolution, and/or increase the Time Range of the portion of the music you want converted.  

Item Accelerator Key Minimum Value Maximum Value Default Value
Playback Controls    
Select Files to Play B - Both, A - Audio, M - MIDI  B
Playback Level    
Edit Audio File    
Edit MIDI File    
Help H   
Close C