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Status Window

To begin the conversion process, select "Tools | Convert" in the Menu Bar or click on the Pencil Icon in the Tool Bar.  While the converter is working, a status window displays to indicate the Time Elapsed and how much is done, as well as the Estimated Time Remaining and the Estimated Total Time.  The percent complete is shown with a gauge that gradually fills as the process approaches completion.  This process occurs once for each file that is converted.  The conversion time is affected by many factors, including the length of the project properties; the length, complexity, and format of the audio file; the speed of the processor; and the operating environment.  If the conversion seems to be taking too long, try selecting a smaller portion of the audio file for conversion or reduce settings such as Pitch Range and Notes Per Beat (Timing Resolution).  Following a brief initialization period at the beginning of the conversion process, all values are continuously updated.  After the conversion completes successfully or if you click the Stop button, the Results window will then open and tell you where the MIDI file is located with some information about your music and ask you what you want to do next.

Button Caption Accelerator Key
Stop S