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Time Range, Audio Tab
User Level: Advanced
MIDI File Usage: Playback, Notate

You can specify what part of the audio file you want converted to speed up the conversion process.  The maximum range is determined by the length of the audio file when you specify the audio file or when the project is loaded, whichever occurs last.  If the audio file does not currently exist, the length defaults to one hour (01:00:00). You can use the slider to the set the desired range or type in the Start and End times.  To set the start time using the slider, drag the slider knob to the desired position.  The current start time is displayed in the Start box.  To set the end time, drag the slider knob to the desired position while pressing the <SHIFT> key.  The current end time is displayed in the End box.  The time range is automatically adjusted if you use the Tempo Tracker to set the tempo.  If you manually change the Start Time after manually tapping in the tempo, you should record the tempo again using the Tempo Tracker to maintain synchronization.  This setting is ignored while in live performance mode.