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Tutorial: Converting a Percussion Track (Ensemble Edition only)

This tutorial will demonstrate intelliScore's drum recognition capability.  The MIDI file that intelliScore generates when using the drum recognition feature not only indicates where the drum hits are, but can also help indicate which drum(s) create each hit.  Included in the Samples subdirectory is an MP3 file that contains only percussion instruments.  We will use this music as we use the New Project Wizard to give you practice at adjusting conversion settings.  To preserve the original files, back them up to a different folder or rename them, or else you will be prompted to replace them as you follow the tutorial.  You can also preserve and compare the results of your experiments using different file names.

1. Click the Blank Document Icon in the Tool Bar to start the New Project Wizard.

2. You are asked from where the audio will be obtained.  Choose the first option at the top next to the folder icon, since an audio file for this tutorial already exists.  Click the Next button to continue.

3. You are asked to specify the name of the audio file.  In the Select Audio File dialog box, select the file My Documents\intelliScore\Samples\Percussion.mp3.  Click the button with the Wave icon to hear the file play.  Notice that it sounds like it contains a bass drum, snare, closed hi-hat, and cymbal.  Return to the New Project Wizard and click the Next button to continue to the next step.

4. Select Drums only.  Click the Next button to continue.

5. You will see that Basic Drum Kit is selected as the default drum kit.  Click on the button with the Drum icon to open the Drum Kit Editor.  You will see five drums enabled.  All of these are present in the audio file except the tom, so deselect Low-Mid Tom.  Click the OK button to save your drum kit changes and return to the New Project Wizard.  Click Next to continue.

6. Now you are asked if you want easy or notation timing settings. For this tutorial, just select the Easy radio button.  Click Next to continue.

7. Accept the suggested MIDI file name Percussion.mid and click Next to continue.

8. Click the Finish button to close the New Project Wizard and start the converter.

9. When it is finished, a Results window will display.  Note the location of the MIDI file and the information about your music that intelliScore has automatically estimated.  Select the Play original audio and MIDI together in SyncPlayer option.  The SyncPlayer will open and play the audio file and MIDI file synchronously so you can listen to the conversion results and how the MIDI file matches the audio file.