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Have you ever been struck with a moment of bursting creativity, recorded a great new idea for a song or a hot new lick, but now can't remember what notes you played?  Are you a music teacher who needs an easier way to write down a practice sequence for your student?  Do you want to use an acoustic instrument to control a MIDI-enabled instrument in real-time?  Or, are you a music copyist who is looking for a simpler alternative to playing a recording of a song over and over to pick out the notes and write them down?

Electronic equipment and computer software has been available for over ten years to record music in the form of a MIDI file so it could later be automatically notated, played back using the sounds in your sound card or MIDI-enabled musical instruments, edited in a sequencer, or used on Web pages to save space over wave, MP3, WMA, AAC, and AIFF files.  Devices are also available to let you control MIDI instruments in real-time from another instrument.  The catch is that the music has to be "played in" on a MIDI-enabled instrument, so you have to know how to play a song in order to record it.

A few products have been recently developed that will allow you to sing or play a non-MIDI instrument, determine the notes you played, and write them to a MIDI file or control another instrument.  We call this new field of computer technology "automatic music conversion".  The catch here, of course, is that these products typically can only convert songs played monophonically -- one note at a time.  How many songs do you know that contain only one note at a time?

Attempts have been made over the years to create a system that automatically converts polyphonic music, that is, music containing more than one note at a time, such as chords.  This has proved to be a daunting task, however.  If you wanted a recording of polyphonic music to be converted into a MIDI file, the fact remained that you had to succumb to the grueling task of picking out the notes yourself.

Until now.

The intelliScore automatic music conversion system will listen to your music and help figure it out for you.  You simply copy the music into the computer from an audio CD, a tape recording, a record, an existing wave, MP3, WMA, AAC, or AIFF file, or whatever.  You do not need a MIDI-enabled instrument.  You do not need to know how to play the song.  After setting some settings, intelliScore will convert an audio file to a MIDI file, ready for cleanup through a sequencer.  Thereafter, you can play back the MIDI file on your own MIDI-enabled musical instruments or notated.  IntelliScore is for music performers, publishers, arrangers, and teachers who work with sheet music or MIDI files.

IntelliScore can improve your productivity, letting you spend more time making music and being creative and less time picking out notes.