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A Note About Real Time Mode

Thanks to advances in intelliScore technology and processor performance, it is now possible for intelliScore to listen to live audio and generate MIDI data in real time, in addition to converting audio files to MIDI files.  You can connect the audio output from a non-MIDI instrument or a microphone to the audio input on your computer's sound card.  As you play the instrument, intelliScore generates MIDI data and sends it to the synthesizer on the sound card or external MIDI playing device.  This allows you to use your non-MIDI instrument as a MIDI controller without need of expensive hardware MIDI adapters.

When you installed intelliScore onto your system, a set of project files were placed on the My Documents\intelliScore\Real Time Templates sub-folder on your computer.  These are predefined project files for using several common instruments in real time mode.  These project files are ready to use but can be modified to your preferences.  Additionally, you can create real time project files from scratch.  To specify that you want to use real time mode for your project, select the last option on the Obtain Audio step in the New Project Wizard, or by leaving the Audio File Name blank in the Project Editor. 

Although the MIDI data is generated in real time, there is an unavoidable delay between when you play a note and that note is sent as MIDI data.  IntelliScore must listen to a short piece of the note before it can determine what note it is you are playing, resulting in the delay.  The duration of the delay varies depending on the speed of your microprocessor and the conversion settings you use.  With monophonic audio, the delay may be imperceptible.  To minimize this delay, we recommend  reducing the pitch range to the smallest range that includes all the pitches in the audio.

The following settings are ignored while in real time mode:
  • Time Range
  • Stereo
  • Pitch Range Auto Detect
  • Track Tempo
  • Notes Per Beat (Timing Resolution)
  • Beats Per Chord
  • Meter
  • Speed
  • Master MIDI File for Score Builder
  • MIDI File Name