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Options Window

You can customize various features of intelliScore to work they way you want.  You can specify what audio editor, MIDI editor, CD player, and mixer you want to use, your user level, how you intend to use the MIDI files intelliScore creates, and the volume and duration of tones generated when you press a speaker button while adjusting conversion settings.  These settings will be preserved until you change them.  To display the Options Window, select "Tools | Options..." or click on the Options button while in the Project Editor.

Item Accelerator Key Minimum Value Maximum Value Default Value
Audio Editor
Audio Browse R   
MIDI Editor    
MIDI Browse W   
CD Player    
CD Player Browse S   
Mixer    depends on OS
Mixer Browse    
Live Audio Device    First device
MIDI Device    First device
User Level B - Basic, D - Advanced   D
Playback P   checked
Notate T   checked
Note Values M - American, R - British   M
Speaker Button Duration  .25 seconds 1.25 seconds .75 seconds
Speaker Button Velocity  1 127 127
Default Record Audio Device    
Help H   
OK O   
Cancel C   
Apply A