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  • Converts audio to MIDI with unlimited polyphony from files or in real-time
  • Multiple channel MIDI files up to 16 tracks generated through use of ensembles and stereophonic processing (Ensemble Edition only)
  • If your audio contains percussion, intelliScore can create a multi-track MIDI file that indicates where the beats are and which drums are played (Ensemble Edition only)
  • Recognizes changes in pitch, volume, and brightness while notes are being held (on monophonic MIDI channels)
  • Writes tempo changes to generated MIDI files
  • 93 instrument filters
  • Easy and accurate monophonic conversion when you do not plan to notate your MIDI file
  • Automatically detects tempo, notes per beat (timing resolution), meter, notes per chord, and measure synchronization
  • Automatically detects key and chord names
  • Constrain To Key option
  • Transpose playback pitch
  • Change playback Speed
  • Boost/cut playback Volume
  • Audio Threshold and MIDI Threshold
  • Speaker buttons to help set project settings
  • Tempo Tracker feature ensures that timing information never strays off beat, even when the tempo varies
  • Displays full Status information